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Looking at the stacks of old piled-up clutter that he’s supposed to put in order, Aditya thought all his plans of spending a relaxed Sunday morning have just flown out the window. Still reeling from a hectic week at work, the last thing he wanted was an afternoon spent in dust and dump. A few moments into the wearisome activity, he bumped into a copy of HG Wells’ The Time Machine, one of his all-time favorites. With a half grin, he took a piece of cloth and started dusting it. He felt something jutting out from the middle of the book, something like a card. It was a photograph.


It was an old black & white class-photograph from the ninth grade. Surprised, yet happy, he curiously tried to find himself in the photograph. And there he was, a practically unrecognizable little version of himself along with his equally endearing classmates and teachers.
A sudden gush of excitement filled the moment and a flash of memories brimmed his mind. His face lit up with a bright smile, not because of how he and his classmates looked then, but how much life has changed since.


He suddenly realized how much he wanted the Time Machine to pop out of the book and take him back to his school days.
Experiencing a momentary lapse of the present, Aditya transported himself to the good old days when he and his friends sat in the last bench and ate lunch in the class. The times when they fought over their favorite movie star in the bus on the way to the school, the first taste of rebellion when they bunked class to play cricket, the first crush and the first heartbreak… some of the most wonderful memories of his life.

How is my school? Where are my old classmates? My juniors, seniors and teachers…wonder what they are up to! How can I get in touch with my school, and my old friends? Is there anything I can do for my school, contribute in any way? How should I do it? Is there a way I can reunite with everyone and relive the good old days? If yes, how? How? How?

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