What is RightLink?



RightLink was established to help institutions build and manage and develop a successful alumni relation. It offers an interactive digital solution that connects the four most important school groups – alumni, students, parents and the school management – on a single platform. Individuals from all the groups can easily access RightLink on their computers, tablets and smartphones and stay connected from wherever they are.

Because RightLink believes that the impact of the alumni community goes beyond the campus gates, it makes a difference to the entire education system, and from a broader perspective, even the nation.


Key Advantages:

  • Brings the entire school community together with an integrated solution that facilitates and encourages student and alumni networking
  • Fosters on and off campus networking for students and alumni.
  • Optimizes outreach
  • Tracks student and alumni involvement for better planning of future events and networking
  • Increases contributions of all kinds and simplifies the entire giving process
  • Builds lasting relationships between the entire community
  • Satisfies the nostalgia and keeps alumni engaged with the institution for life
  • Builds a virtual campus that students and alumni keep coming back to again and again

RightLink Mobile App - Now Available!