Our Team

Aditya Banda

The Amateur Drummer

His friends call him “Banda,” as Aditya is too common a name to address a character as unique as his. A state-level cricket player who also loves football. A dreamer who ‘makes’ memories and use those memories to “mind please” himself. He currently teaches maths to his juniors and even organizes football events apart from making earnest attempts to bring all the alumni together. RightLink is an extension of his passion to “give it back” to the school.


The Risk Lover

Contrary to popular belief that life is all about second chances, Siddharth believes that life doesn’t give you a second chance. It’s now or never! It is this philosophy that drives him constantly to think in different directions and excel at every stage. Blessed with leadership qualities at a very young age, he pursued Mechanical Engineering and worked with reputed IT companies including Tata Consultancy Services. A smooth operator even in stressful conditions, he exhibits impeccable balance and control in the way he carries himself.


The Budding Connector

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and researchers, Lohit has the habit of constantly questioning the status quo. For he believes, the most stupid question is the question not asked. He thinks, saying “yes” may be the toughest thing to do sometimes, but it opens doors to things we didn’t even know exist. He perceives the world to be a place where people are connected to the rest of the world through ‘connectors’. That’s why, he considers himself as a ‘budding connector’ who networks and connects people with the worlds they desire.

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